The Effectiveness of Performance Based Design to Establish Architectural Feature of Structural Design for Slender Building

April 01, 2016

This research focuses on the building with reinforcement concrete and has 60,2 meter of height above the ground (14 stories). This system of the  slender building has dual system which has shear wall and column to restraint lateral earthquake.  The analysis method of this research is comparing behavior buildings designed based on code and alternative design due to earthquake. The building is also designed under MCE level due to strong earthquake risk in Jakarta. For preliminary design,…Preview

The Dynamic Response of Rigid Roadway Pavement under Moving Traffic Loads

November 28, 2015

The study of the dynamic response of rigid roadway pavements subjected to dynamic loads such as vehicle loads has received significant attention in recent years, because of the relevance to the design of pavements. This paper presents an analytical solution based on the Modified Bolotin Method to analyze rigid pavements under moving traffic loads. The concrete pavement is modelled as an orthotropic damped plate resting on a continuous elastic foundation, whereby at its edges it is partially fixe…Preview

Dynamic Response of Structures Loaded By Outside Blasts

September 11, 2015

The paper deals with the dynamic response of damped orthotropic reinforced concrete plates subjected to blast loading. Blast loading is a short duration load categorized as an impulsive loading. Mathematically blast loading is treated as a triangular one. The natural frequency of vibration of a plate governs its response to such loading. A rectangular reinforced concrete plate is considered for the numerical analyses with fixed boundary conditions. The natural frequencies of the system are solve…Preview