Evi Ayuningtyas

Road Engineer

Evi has been involved as highway engineer in Infrastructure Projects in PT. Wiratman in the last 7 years. She fully engaged in The Design of Test Track Monorail that located in Citeureup Bogor and Design Consultancy Package for Final Engineering Design of Six Segment Jakarta Inner City Toll Road. This project is quite interesting, because there are different from other infrastructure projects. On Design of Test track monorail, the coverage designs include horizontal and vertical alignment design  in accordance with design criteria issued by the provider of rolling stock, produce cross-sectional images for guideway beam per 1.5m which has been accompanied by the coordinates of each point for purposes of fabrication of beams. So to complete the design of this test track, it is required to understand in general, the pattern changes shape of guideway beam structure in terms of geometric rules. While on Design of Six Segment Jakarta Inner City Toll Road, this is a first elevated toll road project at infrastructure division, with a total length is 30 km from Semanan to Pulo Gebang and has 3 interchange, this project requires the geometric design of highways adjusted fully to the structural system that will be used, but still in accordance with the existing design criteria.

Evi also has been involved in several strategic projects in Infrastructure Division such as Design of Mining Road at Sorowako – South Sulawesi, Final Engineering Design for Widening Tangerang – Merak Toll Road, Pre-Feasibility Study For Mine Access Road Tofu Blewen – Kao Bay at Halmahera – Maluku. During 7 years as a highway engineer at PT. Wiratman, she is obliged to conduct the overall geometric design based on available supporting data, begin from the determination of alignment, design of vertical alignment, design of cross section, geometric design for structure of overpass and underpass, the placement of signs, marking and the other road complementary buildings. In work activities, she should continuously coordinate with the structural engineer and drainage engineer, so the resulting design has been covering each aspect.

She is completed her Bachelor of Civil Engineering in Bina Nusantara University and Master of Highway Engineering in Institute Technology Bandung with Road Geometric Design and Evaluation for the Thesis Title . She is a Certified Engineer (SKA Madya) from the Indonesian Road Development Association (HPJI).