Bonifacius Jovianto

Structural Engineer

Bonifacius Jovianto is an alumnus from distinguish state university, Universitas Indonesia. He then joined PT. Wiratman to be involved in high challenge projects. His first task was to help designing a building with drop panel and flat slab system for Palma Project and as part of the group to design the supposed Pertamina’s Central Energy Plant Tower. Also design a unique canopy for supposed Blue Grass Project.

Finished with those assigned task, he then took the challenge on one of the toughest high pressure project, Thamrin 9 Development, a Commercial – Residential Complex with super high building (73 floors). Some of his notable works on the project are performing nonlinear analysis as a requirement for peers review / building permit, introducing earthquake-resistant prestress beam, outrigger, belt-truss, composite column and wall.

His versatile approach is later brought him the challenge to change the already designed low rise building retail function to spacious space for amphitheatre, This is challenging because the task required us to lighten the structure, since the foundation has already been built.

At still a very young career, he is entrusted to co-handling a huge scale project on which he is required to not only design, but external coordination and solving construction problem.