Yudit Kuntardi

Structural Engineer

Took his education in Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta, our young project coordinator are one of many engineers whom developing their professional career from the start with Wiratman. Now he is in charge of a small team handling a couple of projects. In addition to that, he is part of a group that helps the company to keep developing the standard in hopes of keep producing efficient and relevant product.

His most notable projects are Hotel Santika Jakarta, MNC Media Tower projects, and Thamrin 9 development. MNC Media Tower projects started as a 56 floors skyscraper with very unique structure, being a concept mixed use building with elliptical geometry and “spaced frame only” top half. It requires nonlinear analysis to pass through government permit process. Unfortunately, in the middle of basement construction, the project only kept its functional purpose but changed the geometry into a 37 floors mixed use building.

Other than coordinating with external instances, creating concept, producing detail design and drawing, He involved as site engineer to solved construction problems along with Contractor, Client and their Construction Manager.

Yudit is a member of HAKI (Himpunan Ahli Konstruksi Indonesia) and PII (Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia). He is certified as professional engineer by LPJK (through PII) with IPP degree.