Muhammad Guntur


Guntur has various experience for domestic and international project. He begins his career also in Wiratman Architecture, then take his leaves to Germany for his study in Master Degree in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Along that time, he gains experience for housing and small building through his internship in various architect bureau. He also did several experiment for some architectural material and the artificial material during his study and post it in the international journal.

Right after he graduates his Master, he joins several big architectural office there and involves in many other high rise and wide span building, such as office building, community center, and sporthall building, and won some prestigious design competition with his team.
After he came back and join the Wiratman Architecture again, he was entrusted several renown project, such as Sequis Tower, Amari Resort, Pertamina RU-IV Office and the Asian Games Tennis Hall - Jakabaring.

He received his Bachelor of Architecture Engineering in University of Indonesia, and also a member of Indonesian Architect Organization (IAI). He also certified for some trainings abroad and domestic.