UOB Plaza




PT Putragaya Wahaya

What differs this building from surrounding buildings is the dynamic form of its facade. It not only planes along the height of the building, but also expresses a clever configuration of facade blocks, protruding from one to the other. to make this possible, the floor beam structure is displayed intermittently rather than with long cantilevers, which requires careful selection of beam dimensions to ensure vibration control during earthquakes. the extra effort invested in structural analysis is necessary to ensure proper function for this dynamic looking 40 story high-rise building and to provide convenience to the occupants.

Another challenging situation was to meet the client’s decision to change the building function from Hotel to office during the construction phase. our design team had to reanalyze the structure to ensure the safety of the building remain secured and maintaining construction on schedule. We discovered that the original structural system as a dual system that can accommodate the new concept, but retrofitting is required in some areas. In the end, the client’s satisfaction is our valuable reward.