Dukuh Atas Tunnel




Tim Pembangunan Underpass Dukuh Atas

ln 1993, Wiratman was assigned to be the consulting designer and supervisor for the construction of the tunnel in Dukuh Atas area. The prolect itself was very prestigious, located as it was on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman in the busiest business area in Jakarta, and was designed to connect two strategic tower complexes: The BNI City and The Landmark Building.

Each day no less than 120 thousand vehicles pass by Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, forcing Wiratman to apply a special construction method to construct the tunnel without disrupting the busy thoroughfare directly above it. This problem was solved using the construction innovation known as box jacking method or the Antareja Method. The Antareja Method is a tunneling method in which the pre-cast concrete tunnel box that will serve as the body of the tunnel also functions as the absorber of the reaction force resulting from the movement of the box as it inches forward digging through the earth. The name Antareja was taken from a character from Javanese mythology that could dig his way underground.

The Antareja Method was patented with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights on November 1999 through the lntellectual Rights Management Office in lTB. The government granted the patent on January 2004 giving the patent number lD 0 009 677.