Palma 2 Tower




PT Kuningan Nusajaya


Palma 2 Tower is a high rise building which is located at Kuningan, South Jakarta. It was built in 2013, Palma 2 Tower consists of one tower with thirty-two floors and five levels of basement. The height of the excavation for this project is 19 meters. Palma 2 Tower is developed by PT. Kuningan Nusajaya, stands on ± 2775 m2 area, being used as an office tower.

The challenge of constructing this building was that this project area is surrounded among the high rise buildings. For this project, PT. Wiratman used contiguous bored pile as the retaining structure for the excavation method, which is not commonly used to retain the five levels of basement. Because of limited space, ground anchor was not suitable to be used for supporting the retaining structure. Wall to wall struts also might not be able to be applied because of the width of the building is too large.  The support system used was racker, with berm in front of the retaining structure. This project has been completed in 2015.