The Musi III Main Cable-stayed Bridge




Ministry of Public Works Republic of Indonesia

This bridge project, with a total length of 1000 km, will cross the Musi River in Palembang, South Sumatera and connect the future eastern Ring Road in the city. The composite bridge deck provides three lanes and two ways of highway traffic with a total structural deck width of more than 30 meters. The main span is 500 meters, with a concrete pylon height of 182 meters. The vertical navigational clearance is 51 meters and should accommodate the traffic of the largest operating vessel in Palembang port. The main bridge is designed to resist 2 levels of earthquake loads with 1000-year and 2500-year return period and will have a service lifetime of 100 years.

Assigned by the Ministry of Public Works, we carried out the Basic engineering Design, Detailed engineering Design, and preparation of tender Documents for the main bridge and the approach bridge structures. We have conducted the sectional and full-scale model wind tunnel test for the main cable-stayed bridge. the wind tunnel test has provided integral information to ensure that the bridge is aerodynamically stable in resisting the 1000-year return period wind speed. Upon completion, this bridge will have the longest bridge span in Indonesia surpassing the Suramadu Bridge.