Teunom-2 Hydro Electric Power Plant


Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam


PT Energi Aceh Sejahtera


Economic growth in the region of Aceh continues to increase within the last 5 years, related to the implementation of the rehabilitation and reconstruction after the tsunami disaster and security conditions improved. Progress in economic and security sector is to contribute directly to the growth of the electric energy demands. The average growth of the electric energy demands in the last 5 years is 8% per year, of which sales in 2008 amounted to 1.15TWh has risen to 1.88TWh in 2014.

Based on the Electricity Supply Master Plan (RUPTL) data of PLN year of 2015-2024, PLN projected national electricity consumption of 464TWh in year 2024 or average growth of 8.7% annually. The electrification ratio is expected to increase from 84% in 2014 amounted to 99.4% in 2024. For the purpose of encouraging the private roles in the hydropower development, PT Energi Aceh Sejahtera (EAS) intended to develop water potential of Teunom River to be converted into Hydropower Plant in Aceh Jaya Regency, Aceh Province.

Administratively, Teunom-2 Hydro Electric Power Plant is located at Alue Jang Village, Pasie Raya District, Aceh Jaya Regency, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province. Teunom-2 HEPP site is located about 50 km south-east of Calang city, the capital of Aceh Jaya Regency.

Data from Krueng Teunom - Twikareng is one of the input data used for the regional analysis in order to get an idea of ??the magnitude of dependable discharge in Krueng Teunom - Location hydropower plant (catchment area has an area of ??2045 km²) with the average river discharge of 170.2 m3/second. The 100 year and 200 year return period flood peak discharge would be 1439.8 m3/second and 1511.3 m3/second respectively. The type of development of Teunom-2 HEPP is reservoir type. The optimum project scale with dependable discharge of 119.58 m3/sec and rated net head of 61.79 m was selected.  A capacity of 62.99 MW would be installed generating 539.1 GWh/year.