Sion Mini Hydro Power Plant


Humbang Hasundutan Regency, West Sumatera


PT Citra Multi Energi


Wiratman was study of MHPP potential in Humbang Hasundutan Regency, West Sumatera, namely Sion Mini Hydropower Plant  (MHPP). The optimum project scale with dependability level of 40% dependable discharge of 19.05 m3/sec (after deducted by ecological flows of 2.33 m3/second) and net head of 67.90 m was selected.  A capacity of 10 MW with capacity factor of 62% would be installed generating 60.69 GWh/year.

Sion MHPP is a run-of-river type with 2.3 km long, 2 x (2.2 m and 2.1 m) diameter conduit pipe headrace along the left bank of Aek Simonggo River to utilize a net head of 67.90 m between weir and tailrace, and 20 m wide cyclope concrete weir. The water is redirected to the Aek Simonggo river through a tailrace channel, downstream of the powerhouse. The powerhouse would accomodate two units of 5000 kW each, 10 km long of 20 kV medium voltage network would be established for power evacuation to Parlilitan.

Based on the financial review results under such scheme or system, this mini hydro power plant (MHPP) construction project located in Sion Selatan Village, Parlilitan Sub District, Humbang Hasundutan Regency is feasible to fulfill the power needs in North Sumatra region and to minimize cost of production of electricity in such region.