Kamojang IV Geothermal Power Plant


Garut, West Java


PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy


The Site of 1 x 60 MW Kamojang Geothermal Project is located at Garut, West Java. With PT Pertamina as a Client started this project on February 2006 and completed on February 2008. The scope of work is Project Management Consultant consist of Engineering Consultancy, Coordination and Supervision.

In this project, Wiratman’s services are Engineering Documents which consist of process simulation, process & flow diagram, basic design, detailed design, data & calculation sheet, equipment and material specification, Reviewed of equipment and material procurement of EPC Contractor which shall be completed by warranty from manufacturer regarding to process and quality of equipment, prepared the local content (TKDN) reported by EPC Contractor periodically and final report of the project.